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Common user questions and answered below;

There are NO fees on this website with the exception of the \"premium\" add on for your listing. What that gets you is a tweet to a minimum of 30,000 tweeter users, once a week. and better placing in the website. Should you decide not to upgrade to the premium listing ~ Your listing is FREE. Enjoy.
Of course. Depending on how many auctions you plan to actually list on this website ~ Pick the one membership that works best for you. for example if you were to only list less then 100 auctions - Pick the FREE auction membership. Then on the other hand if you were to list 1 auction a day ~ pick the Gold Membership as it will allow up to 400 auctions listings. There is NO fee to any of the membership packages. Pretty simple to remember: The only listing payment you make to us is a flat fee of $2.95.
The admin has close to 30,000 followers on Twitter that he tweets to, as well as paid traffic ports that send traffic literally from around the world to stop by and check out the auction. Please note that we use a Cpanel / AWstats for the up to the minute figures of website visitors and hits to it.
Paypal is the accepted gateway for payment of listing auctions on this website. Once you have registered as a new user then created and signed off on your auction listing - You are re-directed to Paypal to make your $2.95 listing payment. (That is the only payment we require from you to post your listing) If you deal strictly in cash - Do not enable the paypal information when you register as a new user. If you enable PayPal - it overrides all other forms of payment. Please keep that in mind when you register as a new user.
Short answer - YES. In either case - If you wanted to be a seller OR a buyer - you must be registered on this website. It takes less then 3 minutes to complete the new user information and to weed out spammers, there is a security question at the end. I look forward to seeing you online with me often.